Personalization is everywhere! The focus of the workshop is on complementary approaches of personalization, which include subjective vs. objective variables, continuous vs. categorical dimensions, personalization of the means vs. the ends of the interaction, personalization in real-time vs. at one-time, qualitative vs. quantitative research methods, etc.

Networking is king! That’s why we want to bring together professionals and inspire new ideas for research. The format is informal and highly interactive and the take-aways depend on an active discussion and participation.

 Time schedule

16:00 – 16:15: Get to know the workshop: Introduction to the workshop topic and aims

16:15 – 16:45: Get to know you, and us: Introduction round of all participants, including short pitches of the talks by presenters

All participants shortly introduce themselves (e.g. describe the focus of their work and what interests them in personalization). We will foster lively interaction and group dynamics by positioning participants across the room, depending on their position regarding the complementary personalization approaches.

16:45 – 17:00: Relax: Coffee break

17:00 – 18:20: Session 1 – Science Slam and personalization profiling of research

Presenters should prepare an 8-minutes presentation of their work, highlighting how their research refers to the complementary approaches of personalization. After the presentation all participants rate the presented research according to the complementary approaches and therefore create a personalization profile of the presenters work. Then participants jointly find ways of how the work could change when another approach was chosen.

  • Ana Ciocarlan, Judith Masthoff & Nir Oren: Qualitative Study into Adapting Persuasive Games for Mental Wellbeing to Personality, Stressors and Attitudes
  • Ahmed Fadhil & Adolfo Villafiorita: An Adaptive Learning with Gamification and Conversational UIs: The Rise of CiboPoliBot
  • Soojeong Yoo, Callum Parker & Judy Kay: Designing a personalised VR exergame
  • Gustavo F. Tondello, Rita Orji & Lennart E. Nacke: Recommender Systems for Personalized Gamification

18:20 – 18:35: Relax.. again: Coffee break

18:35 – 19:35: Session 2 – Science Slam and personalization profiling of research

  • Rita Orji, Kiemute Oyibo & Gustavo F. Tondello: A Comparison of System-Controlled and User-Controlled Personalization Approaches
  • Ifeoma Adaji & Julita Vasseliva: A Gamified System for Influencing Healthy E-commerce Shopping Habits
  • Kiemute Oyibo, Rita Orji & Julita Vassileva: Investigation of the Social Predictors of Competitive Behavior and the Moderating Effect of Culture

19:35 – 20:00: Role-play inspired panel discussion and framework sketching

Considering the problems personalization can solve and the challenges it still faces, all presenters join in for a panel discussion. Panelists should argue based on their personalization profile to foster a vivid discourse. The major points from the discussion are filtered out and sketched as potential elements of a new and unified personalization framework.

20:00 – 22:00: Ordering pizza and ongoing discussion (optional)